Visa Travel Form

Heading out of town? Make sure your Debit or Credit Card is not restricted.

Help protect your debit and credit cards from fraud by telling us your travel plans ahead of time. Please let us know your specific destination(s) and dates of travel so we can monitor your account more effectively.

Complete this Travel Notification form at least 2 days prior to your departure.

Please remember to provide us with a contact phone number for you while traveling whenever possible.

  • Check card expiration dates
  • Carry multiple forms of payment such as one credit card and one debit card.
  • Carry and pack your forms of payment separately. For example, a credit card in a suitcase and a debit card in a wallet or purse.
  • Verify that you know your PIN for your card(s).
  • Keep JAXFCU’s phone number 904-475-8000 with you in case you need to report your card lost/stolen or to verify activity with our Fraud Detection.
  • Visit the U.S. Department of State’s Tips for Traveling Abroad.

If your current card will be expiring during travel or you need to select your own unique PIN for your card(s), please visit any JAXFCU Location for assistance.

Visa® Travel Form

  • If multiple cards, please separate each 4-​digit number with a comma (ex: 1234, 4567)
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • To select multiple items CTRL+click on a PC or Command+click on a Mac.
  • To select multiple items CTRL+click on a PC or Command+click on a Mac.