In mid-April, JAXFCU upgraded to a new Digital Banking system! This new all-in-one solution combines online/mobile banking, mobile check deposit, and our credit card mobile app into a nifty one-stop-shop. The new Digital Banking system also aggregates all your JAXFCU accounts (based on your TIN/SSN) into one view.

The FDIC has reported that 34% of Americans used mobile banking as their primary way of accessing their accounts in 2019. The main consumers of digital banking are millennials. Today, more than 70% of consumers use online banking services at least once per month.

Digital Banking combines traditional banking with the Internet, providing regular banking services and a website or a mobile app. Digital Banking allows you access to features and services via the JAXFCU website. You can log into your account to check your balance, pay bills, apply for a loan or credit card, and so much more with our upgrade. And now, we have combined our mobile apps into one! No need for separate banking and card apps!

Here are a few things to keep in mind for our upgrade and any financial purchases you may be making online:

  • Always have separate logins for multiple users. This allows for your finances to remain separate and confidential. 
  • Joint accounts owners should be chosen with extreme caution. Just like with signing a loan, this allows the co-signee to view the balances on your account. They are responsible for your debts if, for some reason, you are unable to pay. 
  • NEVER share an e-mail address. This tends to be popular among older relationships but is not a best practice. If your one e-mail account is compromised, you have no way to reach out to friends and family quickly. 

One of the best takeaways to digital banking is that transactions are carried out immediately and provide financial management, security, and flexibility. Digital banking is here as a convenience. Unable to make a trip to the branch? Our website and mobile apps are available 24/7. We provide access to your finances within your comfort zone!