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How does a debit card work? Take your money with you, anywhere you go!

Your JAXFCU Visa® Debit Card is the fast, convenient and secure way to access your checking account. Access funds anywhere Visa is accepted.

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What is a debit card?
A debit card is a card that is linked to your JAXFCU checking account. You can use it anywhere Visa® is accepted. Using a debit card you can make a purchase at a merchant and the money will come out of your JAXFCU checking account.
How does a debit card work?
When you use your debit card, the merchant will place a hold on your checking account for the amount of money of your transaction. We will show you the pending transactions on your account inside Online or Mobile Banking.

Please know this is a hold put in by the merchants. The merchants then complete the transaction by submitting their transactions and then the money is taken from your account and shows up in your cleared transactions. Some merchants may take longer to process the transactions, and you may have a transaction listed as pending for a few days.

Can I use my debit card anywhere?
Use your Visa® debit card to pay anywhere Visa is accepted, or use it to withdraw, transfer or deposit money through our huge ATM network. You can also select to get cash back when making a purchase at most retail stores.
How do I get a JAXFCU debit card?
Simply visit your local branch or call us at (904) 475-8000. We will need to verify we have your current address and good phone numbers on file for your account.
How do I activate my JAXFCU debit card?

Once you receive your JAXFCU debit card, simply call 800-631-3197 from your home or work phone we have on file and you can activate your debit card. You can also use our Mobile Card App as well. Your card must be activated in order to use the card.

What is a PIN and how do I create one?

Call 888-886-0083 to create your 4-digit PIN. A PIN is a personal identification number. It should be kept secret, known only to you and not shared or easily guessable.

Is it safe to use a debit card?

You should only use your debit card at reliable merchants. You should use caution when using your debit card for a hotel or car rental. If you use your debit card at a hotel or for a car rental, the company will put a larger hold on the account to cover extra costs that you may accrue. It is important to be aware of this so that you do not run into a situation in which your debit card may be declined because of the hold. Be sure to have additional money in your account if you use it for a hotel or a car rental.

You can also use card controls in our Mobile Card App to turn your card off/on, as well as set controls for how your debit card can be used.

How do I keep up with my debit card purchases?
The best option is to use our Mobile Banking app on your smartphone. This allows you to check your checking balance before making a purchase with your debit card.

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Can I overdraw my account from debit card purchases?
You can overdraw your account with a debit card. If you have opted-in for Courtesy Pay on your debit card, then we may allow you to overdraw your checking account to a certain dollar amount and simply charge you fees for each transaction that we pay into the negative. Please keep in mind that your debit card transactions process along with other transactions in your checking account. If you have checks clear later, you can find yourself overdrawn while using your debit card. It is important to keep a running balance on the account so that you know how much money you have available to you.

Some pending debit card holds may drop off before the actual transaction clears your checking account. It makes the money available again, which means that you can overdraw your account while using a debit card. Additionally, a check may not have cleared, which allows you to overdraw. Tracking your purchases yourself on paper or with an app is the best way to protect your money.

Is it okay to give my debit card to a family member or friend to use?
Never give your debit card to anyone. You should also never give out the debit card information (card number, expiration or 3-digit code on the back).
What should I do if I lost my card?

Please contact us immediately at 866-559-4806 to report your card lost or stolen.

Our Mobile Card App will allow you to turn your Debit Card off however, you still need to report it lost or stolen.

We will deactivate your debit card. The next business day, we will need to speak to you to verify recent transactions. You can visit your nearest JAXFCU branch to have a new debit card issued or upon your request, we can mail a new debit card to you that you would receive within 7-10 business days.

What is a dispute with a merchant?
If you use your debit card to make a purchase, then you should pay for an expected service or goods. If you do not receive the services or items, then you have a dispute with a merchant. You paid the merchant, but they did not deliver the services or product.

The first step for you to take if this happens is to contact the merchant and give them the chance to resolve the issue. Most of the time you can resolve the dispute with the merchant directly. However, if you have contacted the merchant and did not get the issue resolved, then you can call us at 904-475-8000 for further assistance.

Examples of disputes with a merchant:

  • Subscriptions – monthly or annually, recurring charges: Amazon, Netflix, Xbox Live, Gym Memberships.
  • Trial Products – when you get a free sample sent to you; the trial has a recurring charge after the trial period ends. Be sure to read all the fine print.
  • Product Not Received – you order online or by phone and never receive the product.
What do I do if I have fraud on my debit card?
Fraud happens when you have an unauthorized charge on your debit card, it’s any charge with a merchant that you or any authorized party had no relationship with or did not initiate. If this happens, we need you to immediately call us at 904-475-8000.

We will need to close your debit card to prevent any future fraudulent charges. We will need you to assist us with answering questions and in some cases paperwork to complete the fraud process.

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