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Is there a difference between “tap to pay” and “contactless payments”? No – they both describe a touch-free way to pay. “Tap to pay” refers to the consumer experience of buying something using a contactless-enabled chip card or mobile device (phone, watch, etc.). “Contactless payments” refers to the technology that’s built-in to the cards and terminals.

Does the cardholder actually have to tap their card on the contactless-enabled terminal? No, they do not have to physically tap the card to the terminal. However, their card should be close to the Contactless Symbol (within 2 inches).

How should cardholders hold their card to the contactless-enabled terminal? The checkout terminal works best when the contactless chip card is flat over the Contactless Symbol, not at an angle.

How long does the cardholder need to hold their card to the contactless-enabled terminal? They should hold their contactless chip card to the terminal for 1-2 seconds.

Is tapping to pay secure? Yes. Here’s why: Each Visa contactless chip card carries the same trusted security as a Visa contact chip card. The one-time code generated every time a contactless chip card or device is used at an in-store contactless-enabled terminal protects your payment information, making it extremely effective in reducing counterfeit fraud. You can’t pay accidentally—your card or device must be within 1-2 inches of the terminal for the sale to take place. And you won’t be billed twice, even if you accidentally tap twice.

Can people “skim” information off a contactless chip card? Visa contactless chip technology generates a one-time, transaction-specific code. Due to the nature of the code and additional fraud protection processes built into the Visa network, it is difficult to use skimmed contactless cardholder information for fraudulent purchases. As a result, fraud from contactless skimming is very unlikely.

What if the terminal I’m checking out is doesn’t have the contactless option? Will my card still work? Yes, the card will still work. The card still has all the other options for processing the payment:

  • Tap – use the card as contactless
  • Dip – insert the card in the EMV portion of the terminal
  • Swipe – slide the card down the terminal

JAXFCU’s Visa Credit Cards come with lots of perks!

  • No Over Limit Fee
  • No Annual Fee
  • $0 Fraud Liability ProtectionCaps on Cash Advance Fees
  • 25 day, interest-free grace period on your purchases
  • Low Minimum Payment (only 2.00% of the outstanding balance)
  • Free Fraud Monitoring
  • Easy online access including bill payment and online statement
  • Travel Emergency Assistance Services
  • Visa Emergency Cash Disbursement and Card Replacement
  • Year-end Summary Statement

For complete details view our credit card rates and terms.

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